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Level5 Unit2 Part2 Vocabulary

To promote, to move someone up an organization usually because she has done a good job.

We are going to promote her to manager.

If we don't promote him, he'll probably be upset.

The opposite of promote is demote.

(We shouldn’t promote anyone unless they really deserve it, which means they have to prove themselves.)

To transfer, to move someone or something from one place to another.

The company is going to transfer him to Shanghai next month.

She doesn't want to be transferred because her husband is against moving to another city.

(He likes working for us, but he wants to be transferred to a different place within the company.)

To motivate, to get someone interested and excited about doing something.

She is really good at motivating her employees.

One way to motivate someone is to encourage them by giving constructive feedback.

(He’s not fool, so giving him an award without an increase in salary won’t motivate him.)

To postpone, to delay or put off something into a later date.

We had to postpone the presentation, because she wasn't ready to give it.

We can't continue to postpone the meeting, or they will cancel it completely.

(We can’t postpone launching the product, so everyone will have to work harder to meet the deadline.)

To evade, to escape or avoid something.

They are trying to evade taking responsibility for their failure.

He was arrested for tax evasion.

(They designed the airplane to evade detection by radar.)

To assign, to give someone a task to do.

His boss assigned him to increase sales by 50%.

Her company assigned her to find out more about the competition.

To penalize, to fine or punish someone for doing something wrong.

They were penalized for breaking the rules.

You will be penalized if you are late.

To lay off, to fire or sack a worker because business is bad.

The company was failing, so he was laid off.

Our company had to lay off 50% of our employees.

A company may have to lay off workers when business is bad.

To recruit, to look for new employees to hire.

They are expanding their business, and recruiting new employees.

She joined the company after she was recruited at a job fair.

To resign, to voluntarily quit one's job.

His boss didn't like him, so he was asked to resign.

She resigned from her job because of health reasons.